Tire Maintenance Tactics for Rainy Weather

August 17th, 2018 by

When rainstorms strike, the road conditions become dangerous. As a result, the process of changing a tire on a slick pavement or slippery highway isn’t always easy. If you want to complete a tire maintenance routine effectively and safely in a stormy environment, there are a few steps that you must follow.

After light or heavy rainstorms impact an area, some water will linger on pavements or streets. This moisture can make the process of changing a tire a challenge. The big problem is that the slick surfaces can lead to slipping while a vehicle is propped in the air.

In order to prevent rolling and accidents on slick roads, you’ll need to implement strategic procedures to lock the tires in place after the brake is applied. These objects should be dry because a wet item won’t generate enough traction to increase stability.

Once the car is stable and secure, you can gradually lift the automobile with the jack. If the pavement is somewhat slick, try to dry up some of the moisture on the pavement so that the jack won’t slide. After the tire is propped up, grab the lug wrench and twist the nuts. Then, loosen the nuts and detach the flat tire.

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