Safe Winter Traveling: Prepare an Emergency Kit

February 27th, 2019 by

At Barnes Crossing Kia, we like our community to be ready for winter driving. We have some tips for travelers to ready an emergency kit for winter. An emergency kit can include personal items, survival items and maintenance items for your vehicle.

Items for you and your passengers should fit together and include food, water, blankets, gloves, and other warm clothing. Blankets and small pillows are great for warmth and comfort. Cell phone chargers can help you stay connected in winter weather. If you get stranded and must wait for help, include few items that will keep your passengers entertained.

Prepare your vehicle for winter driving by having it checked out and ready for the weather. Your emergency kit should include jumper cables, rags, a tire gauge, a spare tire, a tow chain, a shovel, and work gloves. If you don't regularly wear boots, keep a pair in your vehicle.


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Source: Barnes Crossing Kia Blog

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