Oversteering and Understeering are Different Handling Problems

September 27th, 2019 by

Although a steering wheel is connected to the wheels underneath a vehicle, it doesn't always provide precise control. There are two issues that can impact timing whenever you spin your steering wheel. Understeering delays your timing, and oversteering dramatically increases it.

During a cornering situation, a vehicle has to drift on an angle while staying on the road. Timing matters during this process as a slight error could propel a vehicle off a highway. Understeering can cause this by keeping the tires on a vehicle straight for a while after a driver spins the steering wheel. The opposite effect happens when an automobile begins to oversteer. Instead of a delay, understeering increases a steering system's timing, which means that a short wheel rotation can make a car quickly maneuver to the nearest lane.

When your vehicle's steering wheel has a timing problem, the mechanics at Barnes Crossing Kia can resolve it. We can optimize steering systems for regular and steep curves.


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Source: Barnes Crossing Kia Blog

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