Importance of Drivers Sharing the Road with Bicyclists

April 29th, 2019 by

Whether you’re driving a car or riding a bicycle, we want you to be safe on the road. Every year, thousands of auto accidents involving bicyclists occur because of failure to share the road. Some accidents involve injuries while others are fatalities. We at Barnes Crossing Kia would like to offer some tips on how to drivers and bicyclists can safely share the road.

Bicyclists show be alert, follow all traffic signs, wear a helmet, driver slowly around people, signal lane changes and always ride with the flow of traffic. If driving at night, front and rear lights should be used. Drivers should be alert, give bicyclists same courtesy as cars, follow the speed limit, allow at least three feet if passing a bicycle and always come to a complete stop at lights and when turning on red.

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Source: Barnes Crossing Kia Blog

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