Driving Safely with Bicyclists

October 15th, 2018 by

Cycling can be an excellent way to get around town and do errands. The exercise and fresh air can help with fitness and balance. Drivers must look-out for bikers; the bright and reflective biker clothing increases visibility. Drivers must also be aware when cyclists do not wear bright colors and appear at unexpected moments.

Drivers know the importance of looking carefully when turning or driving near bike lanes. When driving with bikers, drivers should allow a reasonable distance and yield the right of way. Drivers and passengers should check before opening doors on the street traffic side.

At Barnes Crossing Kia, we urge drivers to watch for bicycles, control speed, and drive carefully. When you need a new or used vehicle, please call or drop by. We look forward to showing our inventory, and we invite you to test drive any vehicle you like. Please call or drop by today.

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