Understanding the Role of Gaskets

Vehicles are complicated, and while we’re all familiar with many of the names of important components, we may not always know what they really do. It’s ok, we’re here to help! Let’s talk about gaskets for a second. Gaskets are a seal to prevent leaks, the unfortunate mixing of fluids and the hazards of air escaping or entering components of your vehicle. They’re made of layers of steel or copper, and come covered in rubber or silicone. They’re flexible, designed to fill gaps and fit obtuse surfaces.

They’re in many parts of your car, such as your cylinder head gasket (filling the gap between the head and the engine block), your intake manifold and exhaust manifold gaskets (controlling temperature and keeping air from escaping) and your oil pan gasket (keeping oil in the pan if the crankshaft is moving). Gaskets show signs of impending failure when they no longer fill gaps, lose their flexibility, the coating discolors or vanishes, or deposits build up. Visually inspecting them regularly as well as changing your antifreeze, coolant and oil on a frequent basis are ways to give them a long life.

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