How Does Tire Pressure Affect Your Vehicle?

The second the tire pressure indicator signals something is wrong with your car tires, the sooner you should be getting to the bottom of the issue. Here are a few of the issues you could experience when you don't take corrective action to resolve this tire pressure issue.

The car tire that is overinflated can make it very hard to control your vehicle at high speeds because less of the tread is now coming in contact with the road surface. The tire tread will begin to wear unevenly, so the potential for a blowout increases. If the tire is low in air pressure, more tread touches the road, which makes handling the car harder. The treads wear on the outside now, in areas with less tread to protect you while driving.

If you see any signs of strange tire tread wear, visit the service center at our Saltillo Kia dealership so the tires can be inspected and rotated.

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