Changing Out a Flat Tire Made Simple

No one wants to have the unfortunate experience of a flat tire. They seem to happen at the worst times. If you have a flat tire on your car, don't panic. Changing a flat tire isn't that difficult.

It's very important that you pull over to a safe location as far away from the traffic as possible. After that, remove the spare and the tire changing tools from your vehicle. Prior to lifting the vehicle with the jack, use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts. Then, jack up the car and finishing taking off the nuts. Pull off the flat and put on the spare. Hand-fasten the lug nuts. Let the car down to the ground, and tighten the nuts with the lug wrench.

When you have completed the tire change, make an appointment with Barnes Crossing Kia. We can get your tire replaced or repaired efficiently.

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