Modern Hatchbacks: Designed for Urban Drivers

A hatchback has traditionally been optimized for cities that have heavy traffic. This type of vehicle has a compact platform that's suitable for navigating narrow roads and parking lots with limited visibility. Barnes Crossing Kia offers affordable models for those who want to save money on fuel and maintenance costs.

Under the hood, a modern hatchback usually has a four-cylinder engine block that runs on regular unleaded gasoline. Depending on the make and model, a turbocharged engine might be available for extra output on the highway. A manual transmission system is typical for entry-level trims. Additionally, a contemporary hatchback is supposed to have a low curb weight for smooth maneuverability in the city.

When it comes to interior cargo storage, a hatchback offers slightly more volume than a trunk of a small sedan. It's also more convenient to load items into the lift gate than a trunk that pops up.



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